How To Protect Security Camera Wiring

Security cameras are one of the most common ways to work to protect your property, whether it is a home or business. These cameras allow you to see who is on your property and anything that has ever happened through recorded footage. You can also set up alarms to notify you of movement or intruders on your property. When combined with other security systems, a security camera system can help to create a very secure property.

Proper installation of a security camera system is a must. Without proper installation you security camera system could be vandalized or tampered with, hindering its ability to protect you. One of the most important things to take into mind is the wiring of your system.

With a single snip or pull of the wire, your camera or whole system could be compromised. Today we are going to talk about how you can work to protect your security camera wiring. There are a number of steps that you can take that will prevent criminals or vandals from being able to do anything to your system.

Wire Inside The Wall

The best way to secure security camera wires is to have them built into the wall. Wires that are inside the wall are very hard to tamper with. At the same time, to have wires run into the wall you should always seek the help of a professional. You don’t want to hit another wire or lose something inside the wall. Serious damage can be done while you are in the wall.

There are times when you may not be able to go into a wall or there is no wall present. During these times you need to take other measures to protect your security camera cables.

Paint The Cables

Preventing the cables from being obvious is a good step to keeping your camera wires safe. Paint over all of your cables to hide them from being easily noticeable. It is important that you find matching paint so that the color doesn’t stand out from the wall. Make sure to wait to paint the cables until the installation is complete so no additional parts of last-minute moves will be taken.

Cover The Cables In Protective Sheathing

Cables are typically fairly easy to cut. Many cables can be cut by a simple multitool. Sometimes vandals will cut these cables but it is also sometimes to steel the metal inside the cabling. Thieves then resell the metal. To help prevent your camera system from being a target, cover the cables in a protective sheath. These sheaths fit like a sleeve over the cable and are typically stapled down. Much like the cable itself, these sheaths can be painted over to hide them.

You don’t want to buy any old sheath. You want to find one that is cut and slash resistant to help add the security you are looking for to your cables.

Use The Baseboards And Other Features

Most buildings have detailing or features that can be used to hide security camera wires. You can run cables along a baseboard and paint over the cables so that they appear to be just another part of the baseboard. In addition to that, you can actually hire the wire inside the baseboard. Sometimes security camera wires are hidden under shingles or within cracks in the architecture.

Another way to hide your wires is run it under gutters or along the seems in the ceiling where they will be hard to notice. The goal isn’t to make the cables invisible but to make people believe that they are something else or to take the attention away from the cable.

Wireless Security Cameras

You can also purchase wireless security cameras. While these cameras do exist they are still new. The technology behind them isn’t perfected and they have their own vulnerabilities such as wireless jammers. Further, wireless CCTV cameras still often need a power cable. That being said, they are convenient and much easier to install.

Protecting your security camera wiring is important. You don’t want your wiring compromising your expensive security system. Wires are a weak spot in the system that can be exploited if you don’t take steps such as those listed above. Think about your property and determine which method above is right for you. A professional installer can also be used to help you protect your security camera wires.

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