Differences Between Cheap and Premium Security Cameras

When it comes to ensuring your security it is important to make sure you do all of your research. Knowing the differences between different devices and between methods of security will help to ensure you make the right decision. One common question in the security industry is: what is the difference between cheap and premium security cameras. Knowing the answer to this question can help to prevent you from spending money.

Before we continue there is an important thing to consider. Like with any industry, security cameras have different levels of cost. There are cheap cameras, premium cameras at a reasonable price, and then premium cameras that are overpriced. Finding the right balance is important. Here are some of the differences between cheap and premium security cameras.


Having reliable security cameras is important. When you buy cheaper security cameras you lose out on a lot of reliability. The parts used in security cameras that are cheap come with far less quality. They often fail, don’t work in the force place, or are spotty. If you want a system you trust, you are going to need to spend at least a little bit of money on it.


Premium security cameras come with a boat load of features. For the most part it is your decision whether you want to use these features or not but they are there to provide you with extra security. Cheap security cameras on the other hand, come with very few features. Basic features such as remote viewing and backup storage may not be available on cheap security cameras. If the camera does have these features, the company often charges for them. Many features you will need, so getting a premium camera is almost a must for this reason alone.

Many features that are on cheaper security cameras are not easy to use. The systems that they rely on are designed to be basic and quickly designed. They also don’t receive as much support as premium devices. Compatibility can also be a major issue. Some cheap devices are only designed to work with certain pieces and certain other devices. It can be hard to repair those and parts may not even be made for them.

Image Quality

Quality of security camera footage is important. Poor quality security camera video means that you can’t make out the details of the image. Parts of it will be blurry and disfigured. Chances are that the cable that transmits the video will also be of poor quality, further reducing the image quality. Premium security cameras come in higher levels of image quality, meaning that the image is sharp and you can make out all of the details that you need to in order to be safe and secure.

Cost Over Time

While premium security cameras of all types are more expensive than cheaper options, something you need to consider is cost over time. How much are you going to spend over time should affect your decision. Cheaper parts, maintenance, and overall lifespan are all something that you could end up paying for. You could end up spending much more money to replace parts, whole devices, and/or the system. Not to mention to have someone fix the devices. Some companies purposely make their devices to lower standards as they rely on parts sales and maintenance sales to make money.

Brand Confidence

A company that prices their cameras low typically has a lower confidence in their product. They don’t believe that they can charge more for their product because it isn’t worth it. Be wary if you find a camera that costs less than the industry average as it is probably cheap. A company should inspire confidence in you.

Security cameras come in a wide variety of options. Picking the right option for your property is incredibly important. In general it is good decision to pick premium security cameras. Finding cameras that are premium while not overpriced is the trick. Once you do that, you will have found the right cameras for your needs. It is also recommended that you have the cameras professionally installed to ensure a higher level of reliability and to secure the cameras themselves.

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