Difference Between CCTV and Security Camera

When it comes to protecting your property there are multiple different solutions out there. Two of the biggest terms you have probably heard are CCTV camera and security camera. Knowing the difference between the two systems can help you to make the right decision. Today we are going to discuss the differences.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. This technology uses cables to transmit signal from a camera to a monitoring station that is located remotely. Data is sent through camera cables to a monitor at a remote location but the data can also be recorded. However, there is a limit to how many devices that you can plug CCTV into.

The technology used to power CCTV cameras is older and has less capabilities than what most people think of when they here the term security camera. These systems may be very basic but that comes with the benefit of being easy to control. You don’t need an extensive training and the systems are typically pretty intuitive.

Another thing that you will notice about CCTV camera systems is that they will not have the highest quality images. In most cases, CCTV is limited to 720 HD image quality. For some purposes that might be all you need from your security system but it will not be the highest quality.

The same thing that makes these cameras less advanced also works to protect them. Because the system uses cables to transmit the signal, it makes it much harder to hack the system. In order to hack the system, you would have to tap into the cables. That makes it hard for burglars to turn your system into their advantage.

Security Cameras

Modern security camera systems use a variety of technologies in order to transmit data to a monitor. The most common method is IP (internet protocol). This method sends the data over a local network so that you can view your cameras from anywhere on the network in real time.

Because these cameras are attached to your network, they can be transmitted to the internet so that they can be viewed anywhere. That means you can watch these camera systems from anywhere you have internet access. This is how security monitoring stations and the police can have access to your camera system.

Cameras that work on internet protocol have a large amount of features available. Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras are an example, with PTZ cameras you are able to move them around in order to get an image of anywhere in an area. You can also get cameras with 1080P HD or higher. With the highest in HD quality, you are able to make out every last detail.

Networked cameras are more accessible to outside forces because the signals are digitalized. There have been cases in the past where security camera systems have been compromised. Measures have been taken to prevent this and it happens rarely.

Security cameras are often considered to be the best option in a modern environment. Access to the additional features offered by a security camera system tend to make it a great option for any environment.

No matter what kind of security camera system (or CCTV system) that you want to install, it can be a difficult process. Hiring a professional installer for your system is the best option. Setting up either system can be complicated and wiring and programming is needed. Precision Security Australia is one of the best camera installers in the Melbourne area.

Getting a security camera system today will ensure that your protection is started right away. Precision Security Australia starts out by performing an onsite evaluation of your security needs to determine what needs to be installed. Then we provide an onsite demonstration of the products we utilize so that you know how they work. All of that is followed up by a free, no obligation quote.

With a process that simple, why wouldn’t you invest in a security camera system today?

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