Dahua NVR

A good number of companies make security cameras. Out of all of those companies it can be incredibly hard to pick just one. At Precision Security Australia we want to help you make the right choice. We provide a number of high-quality products from top-tier companies around the world. To help you make an informed decision though, we want to provide education on some of the top products out there.

In today’s article we are going to talk about network video recorders, commonly called NVRs. In addition, we are going to discuss one of the most popular brands that we utilize, Dahua Technologies. This will help to give you an essential understanding of one of the components of your security camera system.

What Is A Network Video Recorder Or NVR?

A network video recorder is the central device for your security camera system. All of the cameras in your system connect to the NVR and the NVR saves the footage to a hard disk (or sometimes relays it to the cloud). Because the NVR is so central to your security camera system, it is important that you buy a quality device. A lack of quality will be noticeable and could result in your whole system failing.

It is important to note that you may also hear the term DVR. DVR stands for digital video recorder. Unlike an NVR, the digital video recorder is not a network device. With an NVR the data is transmitted via internet protocol to the storage. This allows for a higher quality of footage and more devices to be connected to one NVR. A DVR, on the other hand, is a device that uses analog signals to transmit data.

Dahua Technologies

Dahua Technologies is a worldwide manufacturer of security camera technology. The company has a large number of products, including high quality NVRs. The company is well-respected in the world of security cameras, they produce a number of high-end devices. Beyond that, customer service and research and development are important to Dahua.

Such a heavy focus in two important areas results in a brand that provides high quality devices at reasonable prices. You will also find that this means they have an industry leading warranty. Instead of the typical one year warrant, Dahua backs their technology for five years.

Dahua NVRs

Dahua technology brings their focus on high-end technology to their network video recorders. You will find that Dahua makes over 15 different NVRs. So many NVR options means there is one for every situation, whether you are a homeowner or a fortune 500 company. Each NVR from Dahua comes with a number of features, let’s take a look at the features that they share in common.

  • Audio Support
  • 4K Video Format Support (Highest Resolution Footage)
  • Smart H.265 Codec (Data Compression and Bandwidth)
  • RAID Storage (Data Storage/Data Loss Safeguard)
  • Powerful Intel Processors (To Ensure Smooth Running)
  • Deep Intelligence (Smart Facial Recognition, Traffic Monitoring from AI)
  • Power Over Ethernet Support (Only 1 Cable Per Camera Needed)
  • 4 Cameras All The Way To 2,000 Cameras On One NVR
  • Multiple Video Output (For Multiple Monitors)

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