CCTV Security Camera Resolution Comparison

So you are looking to set up a security system. You know that you need outdoor cameras and indoor cameras. You also know that image quality is important. But do you really need high definition (HD) cameras? Yes.

High definition security cameras are essential to getting a quality image. Without HD quality on your cameras you can’t make out the same level of detail.

What Is High Definition?

There are various levels of image quality when it comes to cameras. The lower image qualities belong to designators below 720p. Image quality at 720p or above is considered to be high definition. There are a few exceptions to this, 960 NTSC for example is not HD. 960p is, however.

Just because HD cameras are the new standard, doesn’t mean that lower quality HD cameras are better than higher quality SD cameras. The 960 NTSC format mentioned above actually has a better image quality than the HD 720p format.

Why Choose HD Cameras?

Most HD qualities will present you with a bigger image than their SD counterparts. That means that you won’t have to lean closer to the monitor in order to determine what you are looking at. This can be a big benefit.

A lot of HD cameras also come with image enhancement features such as progressive scanning, noise reduction, and HDR. Your high definition cameras are able to see more than your standard definition camera. Part of this is because of the wider image. Fisheye cameras that come with the HD quality image can get you 360 degree coverage too.

Levels Of HD Quality

Let’s take a look at the different levels of HD quality that are currently available. You will find the first item their format, the second the resolution, and the third the aspect ratio.

  • 1MP (720p) | 1280×720 | 16:9
  • SXGA (960p) | 1280×960 | 4:3
  • 1.3MP | 1280×1024 | 5:4
  • 2MP (1080p) | 1920×1080 | 16:9
  • 2.3MP | 1920×1200 | 16:10
  • 3MP | 2048×1536 | 4:3
  • 4MP | 2592×1520 | 16:9
  • 5MP | 2560×1960 | 4:3
  • 6MP | 3072×2048 | 3:2
  • 4K UHD | 3840×2160 | 16:9
  • 8K UHD | 7680×4320 | 16:9

Comparison Videos

How Do You Select The Best HD Security Cameras?

Having a high definition security camera will only do so much for you if you don’t select the right one. In this section we will briefly touch on some of the important things to take into consideration.

Low Light/Night Vision

Unless you plan for an area to be lit 24/7 you are going to want a camera that either has a good low light performance or even night vision. Many HD cameras are capable of night vision using IR emitters and other technology.

Latency Of Video

Latency is the factor that determines the difference between what your camera sees and the viewing/recording of that image. No video cameras is capable of 100% real time footage. One of the smallest delays is .1 seconds. Look for a camera system with the lowest latency possible.

Technical Support

You want to find cameras that aren’t just reliable, but also have good support. Cameras aren’t perfect, they will have problems and you will need to get help. Look at reviews of the product along with the manufacturer website to determine the quality of their support.

Picking the best security cameras doesn’t have to be hard. One thing that you want to keep in mind, is that you want to have a HD quality camera system. Make sure that you fully research whichever systems you consider, that will help you to make sure that you get a quality system.

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