Campbellfield Crime Statistics 2017 | Victoria

Campbellfield is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria and is 16km north of Melbourne’s central business district, with a current population of 5,056 people[1]. The suburb of Campbellfield is a mix between a residential suburb and an industrial/business suburb.

Crime is unavoidable in any state or city and there is always going to be crime and theft occurring. Over the years we can see there has been several crimes in Campbellfield, however this only a small proportion of the population who are committing these crimes. Once increased awareness has been brought to this issue, we can start reducing these rates.

Crime Statistics 2017

Year ending June


Offence Division Offence Subdivision 2013 2014
A Crimes Against A Person A20 Assault and related offences 66 90
A50 Robbery 6 7
A70 Stalking, harassment and threatening 30 19
A80 Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people 28 19
Other crimes against the person 24 9
Total 154 144
B Property and Deception B10 Arson 19 36
B20 Property Damage 118 103
B30 Burglary/Break and enter 193 193
B40 Theft 515 568
B50 Deception 150 221
Total 995 1,121
C Drug Offences C10 Drug Dealing and trafficking 4 1
C20 Cultivate and manufacture drugs 2 2
C30 Drug use and possession 21 17
Total 27 20
D Public order & security D10 Weapons & explosive 27 67
D20 Disorderly and offensive conduct 7 13
D30 Public nuisance 6 7
D40 Public security offences 0 0
Total 40 82
E Justice procedures E10 Justice procedures 6 4
E20 Breaches of orders 21 24
Total 27 28
F Other offences F20 Transport Regulation 0 0
F30 Other gov. regulatory offence 4 6
F90 Miscellaneous Offences 4 0
Total 8 6
Grand Total 1,251 1,401

Like anything, small improvements and adjusting overtime can make big changes. Small changes such as increasing security surveillance in homes and businesses, people taking care and being responsible throughout the community will inevitably be of great help to the suburb. With this being said, we are sure to see Campbellfield continue to be a great location in Melbourne.

This report is prepared by Precision Security Australia Pty Ltd, CCTV Camera Installers in Campbellfield.

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