Best Security Camera for Facial Recognition

When it comes to protecting your property, having security cameras is an absolute necessity in this day and age. Without video evidence to backup a robbery, break-in, or trespassing happened, it will be extremely hard to find the guilty parties and get your insurance to honor your claim. With that in mind, it’s also important to realize that not all camera systems will do the job. If you are going to pay for protection, pay for the right protection.

At Precision Security Australia, we only offer Hikvision Products because they are proven to be durable and effective. We trust the quality, which is why it’s the only camera and security line we offer. We install throughout the Melbourne area and we can supply a range of security products for your home or business, but what goes into choosing a camera system?

Avoid Low-Quality Cameras

With low-quality security cameras, the best you’ll be able to do is get a timestamp for the event. They may help you identify what was taken, broken, or entered into, but as far as actually recovering your items or figuring out who was present, the footage quality of a low-quality camera won’t be any assistance.

The peace of mind you’ll get on a day-to-day basis and if an event ever occurs is well worth the investment. You’ll be able to monitor your premises to help deter accidents in the first place, and if something does happen, you’ll be able to identify suspects and witnesses with ease and take solace knowing your investment will eventually lead to them being found and your items potentially being recovered.

Facial Recognition Is A Priority

Without high-quality footage, reviewing a tape of the accident will not assist you or the police in figuring out who’s responsible. The best security cameras will allow you to zoom into the faces of anyone present or involved so you can identify who is responsible and begin tracking down both witnesses and suspects. Without a security camera that’s able to provide high-quality footage, having a tape of the accident won’t make much of a difference.

Just a few decades ago, burglars and trespassers used to get away all the time because we lacked the technology to protect our homes and businesses. Today, with the ability to install high-quality security cameras, there is no excuse not to invest the money in protecting your property and the people and things that are important to you. The high-quality security cameras on the market today will increase your chances of identifying witnesses and suspects ten-fold.

In case an accident does ever occur, you will feel confident knowing you have the footage, and quality footage, needed to review the accident and identify everyone who was present. This will ultimately lead to them being tracked down and justice being served.

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