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Australia is a place of beauty and there is a lot to see. But there is still crime, just like everywhere else in the world. When it comes to protecting your property, there isn’t a better first step in protecting yourself and property than installing security cameras. With security cameras on your property you can monitor who comes and goes. You can also record any crime that happens on your property.

But what is the best home security camera brand in Australia? At Precision Security, our go to choice for security camera system installation is Hikvision. We believe that Hikvision offers the features that are needed, while delivering high quality.

We don’t want you to just take our word for it that Hikvision CCTV cameras are the best. For that reason we are going to discuss some of the reasons why we choose Hikvision cameras.

Durability and Build

Security cameras are often exposed to the elements, as many of them are mounted outside. Even those mounted inside have to put up with changing temperatures and other potential problems. A good camera needs to be able to put up with that. Hikvision cameras rarely fail due to the durability because they put a lot of time into developing a reliable camera.

Hikvision cameras are weatherproof and able to be mounted in a wide variety of locations. That includes in places that get snow, rain, and other harsh weather.

Hikvision Lenses

The lenses on Hikvision cameras are one of the reasons that they are so desired. The lenses are capable of quickly adapting to any changes in front of them. Different Hikvision products may have slightly different options but they all have the best quality possible. Including CMOS sensors and light change adaptation.

Lenses from Hikvision also include features to prevent motion blur.


A camera system has a lot of features that all are need to work together. In addition to that, camera systems do have limited storage. To make use of all of the features, maintain fast recording and transmission, and to reduce the storage, Hikvision cameras utilize the industry leading standard for compression of data. The algorithm used is a proprietary H.265+.


Features really make the difference when it comes to buying a security camera system. You want to make sure that you get everything that you need. Hikvision comes equipped with all of the standard features of security cameras and then some. Here are some of the features that you can expect to see with a Hikvision security camera system:

  • Alerts
  • High Definition Quality Video
  • Network or Analog Options
  • Night Vision with Specialized IR Configurations
  • Plenty of Choices (Bullet, PTZ, 360, Turret)
  • Power Over Internet
  • Quality Lenses
  • Remote Viewing via Phone/Computer
  • Thermal Imaging Options
  • Value Options
  • Weatherproofing

Great Customer Support

Above anything else, we find that Hikvision has the customer support to match their powerful brand reputation. They are easy to get ahold of and more than happy to work with their customers. The number of staff on hand also ensures that you don’t wait for too long on hold. Good customer service helps you to readily identify a good business.

Precision Security Australia

Precision Security Australia is a security company that provides security camera installation, sales, and service to those in the greater Melbourne area. If you have ever looked for security cameras or security camera services in the area you have probably heard the name. That is because we aim to be the best option for security camera services in the area.

We provide free, no-obligation, on-site surveys of properties and on-site demonstrations to help you get an idea of your specific needs. Every day that we go out to help the community, we turn to Hikvision Australia cameras to keep properties and lives safe.

If you are looking to have security cameras installed on your property, visit our website today. We provide services to home owners, business owners, public entities, and almost anything else that you can think of. Each technician is highly trained truly cares about your project. That is what makes Precision Security Australia different from all of the competition.

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