Best Commercial Security Cameras

Are you trying to find the best commercial security cameras to cover your property? A lot of different options exist for you to get the security you need. To help you figure out the best cameras we created a list of features to look for. Some of these features are on the individual cameras while others are part of the camera system.

High Definition Quality

Any security camera that you consider for your commercial property needs to be high definition in quality. High definition cameras allow you to make out every aspect of an image that you are looking at. At a minimum your camera should offer 1080p image quality. Many newer cameras offer 4K quality which is outstanding.

Night Vision Capability

When the lights are off on your property or a camera is outside at night, you want it to still be able to see what is happening. This is where night vision capability comes into play. Most security cameras for commercial use utilize infrared (IR) lights to be able to see at night. Look for brands such as Hikvision that use high quality IR lights for night vision capability.


If your commercial has secure areas, like many do, having motion alarms is important. The common term for motion alerts on commercial security camera systems is analytics. Alarms are triggered when the camera sees motion and they can be custom tailored to fit your needs.

Some common options for custom tailoring your analytics include: being able to set specific times for the alerts, set specific parts of a camera’s view to alert, changing how the camera alerts (audio, notification, actual alarm), and establishing different priorities for alarms.

Weatherproofing And Vandal Proofing

In order to ensure that your cameras work continuously you are going to want to make sure they are weatherproofed and vandal proofed. For weather proofing you should look at the rating that the camera has, the rating should be have an IP or IX number. Use this number to see how resistant it is.

When it comes to vandal proof cameras, you want cameras that are very resistant to tampering. A hard housing will help with this, as will the ability to mount the camera in a high location.

Advanced Security Camera Interface

You want to be able to make changes to your security camera system and easily view footage. To do this, you will want to have an easy to use, but advanced interface. Some cameras do this in the form of an app or program while others have a website that you visit. In this interface you should be able to move PTZ cameras, change settings, and view recordings. You should also easily be able to save footage to your computer or an external device such as a flash drive.

Remote Viewing

Most commercial businesses are not staffed around the clock. If you want to be able to ensure the safety and security of your business, you are going to want a security camera system that offers remote viewing. With remote viewing you can watch live security camera footage on your phone or another device, even when not on the property.

Many new systems offer this feature but there are still a number that don’t.

Security Camera Installation In Melbourne

If your business is in the greater Melbourne area than you need to look into having Precision Security Australia install your security cameras. Precision Security Australia has years of experience in the security camera installation business and has installed cameras in just about every commercial environment.

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