Best CCTV for Small Business

Small businesses have the same security and safety issues that large businesses have. Most just don’t have the same capital. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same level of protection. When it comes to CCTV you need to get the best.

Anything less than the best CCTV solution means that you could be risking your business. With that in mind, you need to know which is the best. A lot of different technology companies produce CCTV cameras and systems. That means, you have a lot of choices.

One of the most universally accepted industry leaders in CCTV is Hikvision. Hikvision is installed around the world in small businesses and large businesses alike. Let’s take a look at the features that set them apart from their competition.

HD Video Quality

The quality of your CCTV footage can make a real difference. You want to be able to see every detail of the image. Like with any other industry leader, Hikvision has incorporated HD standards into their cameras. You can get cameras in a variety of HD qualities to meet your needs, from basic HD to 4K image quality (the current maximum).

No matter the quality of the camera, it won’t do anything if you can’t transmit the image. Hikvision has worked hard to maintain the full image quality when any image is transmitted. That includes their analog HD cameras.

Transmission and storage of HD video quality is also maintained through compression. The compression methods used by Hikvision are the same as all other industry techniques, with proprietary tweaks. The standard used by Hikvision is H.265 and H.264.

Digital Watermarking

Being able to verify the authenticity of CCTV footage is important when it comes to being able to use the footage in court. All Hikvision CCTV systems come with the ability to program in a digital watermark that is used for verifying the footage.

Night Time Illumination/Night Vision

Your CCTV system should be able to see around the clock. To achieve this, Hikvision uses IR lights to illuminate the night. IR lights illuminate a camera image without being visible to the naked eye. In order to prevent the image from being blinded, the IR lights are perfectly placed and adjusted to keep the image clean.

Hikvision goes a step further to make sure darker areas are properly illuminated. The IR systems utilized by Hikvision are automatically adjusted to account for objects in view. That includes objects that may be crossing close to the light source and cameras.

Defog Technology

Fog, smoke, and other obstructions can block camera vision and you will be challenged to make anything out. Hikvision cameras are designed so that this isn’t a problem. The CCTV system is able to keep images clean by mapping out fog, smoke, dust, and the like.

Programmable Alarms

A number of alarms can be programmed into your Hikvision CCTV system. These alarms can each be programmed to individual cameras and allow you to get alerts, in case you aren’t able to monitor the cameras. Two of the most popular alarms are audio loss detection and motion detection.

Hard Drive Technology

The part of a CCTV system that stores the images is known as a hard drive. Most Hikvision systems are capable of using a number of different hard drives and sizes. This allows you to have the amount of storage that you need to keep footage. It also allows you to have a hard drive that matches the size of your system.

Besides hard drive type, you can completely configure how data is handled on your hard drive. How long footage is stored for is one of the features that can be set. You can also allocate different amounts of storage for each camera.

Hard drive failure can result in the loss of all of your data. No matter how good the hard drive company, you can still experience failure. It comes from defects, wear, and natural lifespan of hard drives. With S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology), Hikvision hopes to alert users before a failure. Ensuring that you can backup your data and get a new hard drive without losing any of your data.

Hikvision is an industry leader and that is why we at Precision Security Australia have chosen to use them as our primary CCTV choice. We have found that our customers are far more satisfied with Hikvision products than any other technology we have used. They also give us a wide amount of versatility so that we can work on all types of projects, including all kinds of small businesses.

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