Advantages of an 8MP CCTV Camera

When choosing your CCTV camera you have a lot of options to choose from. One of the choices that you can make is picking a CCTV camera that uses megapixels as a measurement of quality. But then what kind of quality should you be looking for?

An 8MP cctv camera is the perfect level of quality for most applications. The quality you get will be stunning and in general the camera will outshine others that you are looking for. All while not breaking the bank too far.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that you will see when you use an 8MP CCTV camera.

4K Quality Video

8MP CCTV cameras record and display video in 4K quality, the highest quality image widely available. While you can get a 4K camera with slightly higher megapixels, there isn’t much need. After 8MP, with current technology, you are starting waste you money. That is unless you want to pay for the right equipment.

Make Out Every Detail

With an 8MP CCTV camera you are able to make out every detail on the footage. When someone enters the view of the camera, you are able to make out details from the color of clothing down to the hair color, what they are carrying, and even more. All clearer than your average CCTV camera.

This can make a big difference in capturing criminals or making a proper decision in a liability case.

More Than Just Video Quality

The enhancements made when you switch to 4K cameras is more than just the video quality. It is the technology. 8MP cameras have better sensors, better fields of view, more features, and in general are of great quality. All of the technology that you get packed into a small frame 8MP camera is better than other cameras on the market.

Wider Angle Footage

By using 8MP cameras you are getting a much wider image. In comparison, a 4 CIF camera (traditional CCTV), is barely a fraction of what you see with 4K. When compared to 1080P HD cameras, 8MP 4K cameras are still much bigger. One camera is able to cover a lot more area. This will result in less gaps and you needing less cameras to cover a building. A good way to save money while also getting better coverage of your property.

Better Image Processing

Cameras with 4K quality tend to be higher end devices. That means that you get better image processing for storage onto the DVR and for storage onto a remote device. Further, you will get better performance due to the better processing that you will experience. With the better image processing you are often able to enhance an image to make out even more detail than a plain image.

Less Setup Needed

Some companies decide to use older CCTV systems in order to save money. In reality though, that means more setup is needed. The money or time that you spend with the setup of an older CCTV means that you will end up paying the same or more. 8MP cameras have come down a lot in price and in addition have become very user friendly.

Methods such as power of Ethernet (PoE) allows for less wires. Each camera only needs one wire run to it. Some modern camera systems are even wireless, allowing you to eliminate running wires through the walls to a central room.

Higher Performance Pays Off

The better your system is in all of the aspects that we mentioned, the more the system will do for you. In the long run, you will get a lot more from an 8MP camera system than from a lower end camera system. What you get from your system will pay you back for any costs.

We already mentioned that you have your choice when it comes to getting a CCTV camera. You can pick and choose from a wide variety of qualities. In most cases, with the modern CCTV camera, you are picking between 720 HD, 1080P HD, and 8MP 4K quality. If you want a quality system, there is only one clear choice to make: utilize a 4K HD quality security camera system.

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