4K Security Camera Australia

When it comes to image quality on security cameras, you have a fair amount of options. These options determine the quality of the images you will see from your system. You have the choice of almost any level of quality up to 4K high definition quality. However, most modern security cameras come in one of three levels, 720p HD quality, 1080p HD quality, or 4K HD quality.

Why would you pick 4K quality security cameras when you have several other options? Let’s discuss the benefits of having a 4K HD security camera.

Better Visual Quality To The Naked Eye

Anyone who has spent time watching 4K security camera footage will tell you that quality is important. Many lesser quality security cameras will be hard to make out details of any kind. Sometimes faces are even blurry. At the same time, those same people will tell you that a 4K image is much easier to view.

If you compare a 1080p security camera screen to that of a 4K security camera screen you will be able to immediately tell the difference in quality. You will have a sharper image where there is little to no pixilation. In addition to that, all of your colors will be more brilliant and accurate to what you would have seen in real life.

With a lesser camera you will have a hard time differentiating what is happening and who you are looking at. Every detail will stand out with a 4K HD camera.

Keep in mind that with a higher quality image you will also be able to see further. Objects in the background will be clearer and when digitally zooming in on the image, you will maintain more of the quality.

Easier For Computers To Work With

Computers are able to do amazing things with images. The computers behind security cameras are able to count customers, identify when a person steps in front of it, and some are even able to recognize who is in front of the camera. A lower quality camera makes it harder for the computer to process the image. The chances of having a false alert or errors is higher.

By having a high quality camera you are making it easier for the computer to read the image and process it. All kinds of alerts are made more reliable when you have a 4K security camera.

Larger Visual Range

A 1080P security camera is able to see a wide angle. That angle is still pretty limited. When you move up to a 4K camera you increase the visible area by about 1/3. That means one camera is able to see much more without the image looking distorted. Wider angle lens can be used but will distort the image, 4K makes it continue to look like a normal camera image while increasing visual space.

Professional Security Camera Installation From Precision Security Australia

Security cameras are a piece of equipment that you rely on for your safety. Proper installation of these cameras is a must. A lot of work is needed such as mounting, positioning, and wiring the cameras. Without this your camera system could be compromised and you could experience issues.

If you live in the Melbourne area of Australia the number one provider and installer of 4k security camera systems is Precision Security Australia. At Precision Security we have experience working on a wide variety of properties from residences to commercial properties. We have also worked on government and public land to help ensure safety and security.

To start the process, when you contact Precision Security Australia, an installation technician will come to your property and perform a no-obligation inspection of your property. During this inspection the technician will go over where you need security cameras and what kind of cameras would be appropriate. We can also provide an on-site demonstration of many of our products, followed up by a quote.

Security and safety are two very important things to have in the modern world. With all of the criminal incidents and threats. Taking steps to protect yourself is important and 4K security cameras are a good way to do that. 4K images will help you to be able to accurately see what is on the screen.

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