Where Is The Best Place To Mount A Security Camera?

Security cameras can help you protect your home or business but they don’t just come out of the box ready to operate. You have to mount them around your business or home to get the best security coverage. Do you know where to mount your cameras? Let’s take a look at some of the best locations.

Entrances and Exits

Having a security camera at both the entrances and exits to your home or business is critical. This allows you to get anyone who enters the property on camera. If someone falls on your front stairs, you have it on camera so that you are protected from a lawsuit. You can also catch thieves or other criminals as they enter.

Should you hear someone at the door, you can also use your camera system to see who is there before you open it. The cameras work as a more high-tech peep hole. Some home security cameras can even be placed inside the peep hole to allow you to view who is outside.

Transition Points

Entrances and exits aren’t just on the outside. Covering the inside transition points is also important. Transition points are places where access goes from public to a private area, such as a moving to a storeroom or breakroom. Having cameras on these points allows you to see when someone is headed into an area that they aren’t supposed to.

360 Degree Perimeter

There are multiple week points to any facility that aren’t your entrances or exits. Think windows and ventilation. You can also have a criminal spray graffiti on a wall or experience some other form of vandalism. Establishing a 360-degree perimeter means that you are completely covered on each side of your home or business. Sometimes this can be done with one camera, other times you might need to set up several to. It depends on the size of the property, type of camera, and where you place them.

Identify High Risk Areas

Any home or business has high risk areas such as public bathrooms, valuable goods, and safes. Having cameras at these locations helps to ensure that any activity at them is captured on camera. The camera(s) for high risk areas should be high up and set away from the specific area so it can get full coverage. Even houses have high risk areas where they will need home security cameras.

We also recommend using high definition security cameras at high risk areas even if you don’t plan to use them elsewhere. This allows you to identify anyone who is at one of these areas and see clearly what they are doing. You want to know if someone is steeling or what they are accessing if something goes missing.

A Few Points

Unobstructed View

You are able to place cameras just about anywhere, that is why you should always check the camera’s view before you actually mount it in a location. Determining whether or not the camera will have a clear line of sight of its target area is crucial. Looking out for bushes, trees, hangings, light fixtures, light emission, and other sources of obstruction can keep you from having to remount your camera.

Out of Reach

When considering the exact location in the area you have selected to place a camera, it is important to make sure you mount the camera out of reach. If a camera is within reach of people who will be walking by, they will find a way to mess with the device. A camera that is lower is also less of a deterrent to criminals as they can just change the direction of the lens or cover it.

Type of Camera

The exact type of camera that you place will also determine its mounting location. For example, you don’t want to put a push/tilt/zoom camera, somewhere that it won’t be able to move freely, or where two or more of the sides are covered.

Use this guide to place your cameras as efficiently as possible. You will also find yourself with maximum security if you follow this guide. Make sure that you read more of our articles so that you get the proper cameras for your facility or home and that you know the specifics for your property. If you need a security camera system in Melbourne, make sure that you look us up. We have the cameras you need to keep your home and business safe.

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