Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera Systems in Melbourne

Crime and safety issues have been popping up around the world, and with that, the need to secure one’s house and business. In a modern world, a simple alarm system isn’t all that you need. Instead getting security camera systems in addition to an alarm system allows you to better secure your property.

No one wants to be a crime victim but with a security camera system, a monitor can help you identify an ongoing crime and to get you and those at your property to safety. It also allows you to know when to summon law enforcement. The incident itself is also recorded, not just monitored.

Law enforcement has long been able to capture criminals for years but with security camera footage it makes the job easier. You can show officers the camera footage you have of an incident and they will be able to identify a subject even quicker. The recorded footage can also be used in court to help secure a conviction.

Security and crime are not the only reason that you might want a security camera system installed in your home or business. Safety issues such as trips, falls, and generally unexpected events, are also caught on camera. With monitoring you even have the chance to stop a safety incident before it becomes something more serious.

What kind of camera do you need though? Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (also known as PTZ) cameras are a great option for many locations. With these cameras you are able to move the actual camera around to capture video of anywhere within the camera’s view. Either the whole camera or just the lens, depending on the model, can move around to spot potential issues.

A good example for properly utilizing a PTZ camera is to have it in the center of a parking lot or backyard so that you can spin the camera around to investigate an issue or to follow someone.

Pan, tilt, zoom cameras are most effective for locations that have someone monitoring their cameras or who want to have the ability to monitor cameras during an incident. After the fact, you will not be able to pan, tilt, zoom around recorded footage.

Just because our example is outside, does not mean that you can’t put a PTZ inside. Many businesses will have a PTZ camera in their lobbies in order to see and follow people who come in.

In areas where you have a pan, tilt, zoom camera, you should consider having a stationary camera also covering the area or part of the area. As soon as you start to move the PTZ unit, it will no longer be covering the area. The stationary camera allows you to keep coverage while you move the PTZ.

Having a professional install your pan, tilt, zoom camera system is important. These systems need to be properly located and mounted so that you get maximum coverage and so that wiring is properly placed. Precision Security Australia has been installing camera systems for years and has the expertise needed to take care of your home and/or business.

Blindly installing cameras in a location is not the way that Precision Security Australia works. We will have a technician come out to your location and give it a security assessment. That way, we can recommend the best positioning for each camera, along with what type of camera to place there. At the same time as being security conscious our team is also considerate of your budget.

Security cameras can be found for every budget and we have a number of premade packages for every price range. If a package that we have doesn’t work for you, we can custom tailor the system to you with an onsite quote and even a demonstration.

Having a security camera system will keep both you and your property safer. Even just the sight of a camera system can deter criminals from your home or business. Contacting Precision Security Australia will aid you in getting the camera system that you desire.

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