Installing Security Cameras Two-story Houses

Every type of property has its own unique features and this can affect how you use and plan out your security camera system. A two-story house can be wonderful for your comfort and lifestyle and it can give you some unique opportunities for security camera installation. Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you might want to consider when installing security cameras on two-story houses.

Use The Height For Outside Cameras

Placing security cameras in an elevated position allows for you to see far more with one camera. Having a two story house gives you a high position from which to mount your external cameras. By placing a wide angle camera on each side of your house, near the top of the house, you should be able to come close to a 360-degree view of your property.

You can also place a camera high up on one corner of the house and point it down at the house to cover entry points on the house. According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation the vast majority of burglars enter through a first floor access point. A second floor allows for a much better view of these points because the camera can get a better angle.

Cover The Stairs

When someone breaks into your home you want to be able to get as much warning as possible before they reach your bedroom. One of the best warnings you can get is when they are on the stairs, that means placing a camera at the top of the stairs so you can see anyone coming up when your alarm goes off, you hear breaking glass, etc. The stairs are also one of the most vulnerable points for a burglar because you have the higher ground and stronger positioning.

Heads Up For Installation

As a heads up installation on a two-story house will take a bit more work as there is more wiring that will need to be run. However, as long as the house was built well, it shouldn’t be any harder, it will just take more time and more wires. You may also wish to have more cameras than a single floor house to cover the additional space.

Where In The Room To Place Cameras

In a two-story house you have a fair amount of rooms to cover, how do you properly cover these rooms? You want to place the cameras either on the ceiling or as high as you can on the wall. The best place in the room to put a camera is in the corner. If you need 100% of the room, place two cameras in opposing corners. A 360-degree camera can also be placed in the center of a room to get a full view of the room.

Where Not To Place Cameras

More security cameras can mean more coverage but there are several places that you don’t want to place a security camera in your home. Logically bathrooms are the number one place you don’t want to put a camera. Bedrooms are also a no-go for security cameras. If you want a camera to monitor your baby, use a baby monitor, they tend to be a safer option. Also try not to place cameras in an area where they will intrude on a neighbor’s privacy or may appear to, they won’t like this and some locations have laws against that.

Enjoying a two-story house means that you need to have a feeling of safety and actual safety. Security cameras help to give you both. You can custom tailor a security camera system to your specific home and needs so that you can get the amount of coverage that helps you feel what you need.

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