Importance of NVRs in a CCTV Security System

CCTV security systems utilize cameras in order to monitor properties. A lot of different companies have come out with CCTV systems but they all have a minimum of two components an NVR and cameras. You know what the cameras are, but what are NVRs? What role do they play in a CCTV system? We are going to answer those questions and more in this article.

What is A NVR?

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. Almost all NVRs take the shape of a box. They look similar to a DVD player. These devices are the backbone of any CCTV system. All of the signals from the CCTV cameras feed back to the NVR where they are recorded to the hard drive. A network video recorder does more than just record the footage, it allows you to view the footage and even converts it into a storable format.

Instead of connecting directly to a camera, an NVR receives the signal from your network. In most cases that is done through hardwiring your cameras into your network with ethernet cables. A limited number of cameras are available in wireless form.

Without an NVR your camera system wouldn’t be able to operate. The signals from the cameras couldn’t be interpreted and there wouldn’t be anywhere to store the data. When you hear that the NVR is the backbone of a CCTV camera system, you know that they aren’t lying. The system ties all of the cameras together in a usable fashion.

Network Video Recorder Storage

Most network video recorders use a standard computer hard drive in order to store data. The data is compressed and put onto the hard drive. You can choose NVR systems with a number of different storage sizes. Some systems can even be upgraded if you find that you don’t have enough hard drive space. The ability to replace hard drives is also great if your hard drive fails, as you don’t need to replace the whole device.

Other Features

Network video recorders use a digital signal and that unlocks a number of great features. Of course, specific features vary depending on what system you buy but many of the ones we are going to list here are common features.

Remote Viewing

Almost all NVR systems allow for remote viewing of your cameras. This can happen through computers or a phone app. Some systems allow you to set up network access to users on your network. Network access allows users such as security officers and risk management to access the camera system as long as they are provisioned.

Alarm Based Recording and Alerts

Customizable alarms can be set on your cameras so that they only record when an alarm is triggered. A good example of that is to set up alarms for motion in view of a camera. That can be fine-tuned to motion in a specific area of the camera. You can also have the alarms trigger an alert instead of start recording. Alerts allow you to record the whole time but notify viewers if there is an alarm.

System Fine Tuning

A network video recorder can be fine-tuned to the camera level. Each camera can be configured with different amounts of storage space, different quality,and much more. This allows you to get a system that is truly applicable to your needs. You don’t have to compromise with a generic system.

You also don’t have to compromise on the devices you connect to your network video recorder. Most brands allow you to connect any of their cameras to the recorder. That means you can have point/tilt/zoom cameras, dome cameras, box cameras, and more all on one recorder.

While the network video recorder, or NVR, is the backbone of your CCTV camera system, you do have options. A number of different companies offer CCTV systems and each one has their own NVRs. Make sure that you spend the time to research the system you are considering and ensure you are getting the system you need.

CCTV Installation

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