How To Choose For The Best Security Camera For A Factory

Factories, like any other business, need security measures in place in order to guard the facility. One of those security measures should be security cameras. These cameras will allow you to monitor and record everything that happens on your property. They come with a variety of benefits. But how do you choose a security camera for your factory? Keep reading to see our guide on picking the best security camera for a factory.

Image Quality

Being able to see what your camera captures is important. If your camera has a low image quality you won’t be make out anyone or anything on the camera. With the modern quality standards there are two quality levels you can choose for your security cameras.

1080P HD is one of the highest levels of quality. You can find a wide variety of cameras with this image quality because it is a standard. Do not look for a quality below 1080P if you want to be able to have crystal clear imagery.

If you want to have even better image quality, you can select a 4K HD camera. This is the highest standard of HD quality. Getting the highest standard will mean you are going to spend more money but it will also bring with it the ability to see almost anything. You will also be able to zoom further in and maintain image quality.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom

For factories you have a lot of work space and often large ceilings. A good percentage of your cameras will be mounted on said ceilings and you will need to be able to see what is going on in a closer, better view. With at least part of your cameras being Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras, you will be able to move the image around the factory and zoom in on specific areas.

Network Connectivity

Having your cameras attached to your network will allow you to view your cameras from any computer in your workplace. It will also enable high quality image transfer. Consider having true security cameras installed so that you can get the highest quality.

Older style, analog cameras are not able to carry the highest image quality. They also require far more work to keep them up and working.

Remote Viewing

Want to make sure that you are able to see what is going on in your factory no matter where you are? Look for a camera system that has remote viewing. Remote viewing allows you to monitor your recordings from anywhere that you can get internet access including phones, tablets, and computers. You will more than likely have to install software on your device, but it will ensure that you are always protected.

Make sure that you can also see recorded footage from your remote viewing platform. This will afford you the maximum security possible.

Motion Detection

There are a variety of security features that are available for your security camera system. Motion detection is one of the most important features. The power of motion detection software allows your cameras to send an alarm when they detect motion in the view. It can be sent with a notification, email, or alerted on your security computers.

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