High Resolution Night Vision Security Camera

Security is a primary concern in the modern world. Many cities and towns aren’t as safe as they once were. Having a security system in place is essential in most areas. Part of an effective security system is the installation of security cameras.

Unfortunately though, most crime happens at night and many security cameras aren’t able to pick up night time scenes. Having a high resolution night vision security camera will give you the best view at night. There are several options on the market but some stand out over all of the rest.

One of the cameras systems that stands out above all the others is Hikvision. That is why Precision Security Australia uses almost exclusively Hikvision products when they install security camera systems. Hikvision is known for having high quality security cameras and staying an industry leader. When new technologies come out, they adopt them into their systems.

The high resolution night vision security cameras made by Hikvision utilize EXIR technology. EXIR is a type of infrared night vision. On Hikvision cameras this means a separately mounted set of IR emitters that project invisible light in the shape of a rectangle. While the light is invisible to the naked eye, it is picked up by the camera and allows it to see the scene in front of it.

By having the IR emitter mounted separately on the camera you are eliminating the reflection/bleeding of the light. That means that none of the IR light will flood over into the lens of the camera, causing a portion of the image to be blinding. This also allows for stronger LEDs to be used so that you can see further and with better quality.

A rectangular setup for the IR beam allows for you to have a more natural image when viewing the camera. Older IR setups used a circular layout, this left the corners of the rectangular camera image dim.

Enhanced IR technology combined with Hikvisions high resolution cameras allows you to get extremely high quality images at low light. You can not only make out shapes but you can start to see details. In some circumstances you can see fine details. It all depends on your specific layout and the camera you choose for the area.

Professional High Resolution Night Vision Security Camera Installation

There are a lot of DIY security camera solutions out there but they can be complicated to set up. You also don’t have the choice to mix and match cameras like you would with a professionally installed setup. A professional installer can help you to pick out the right high resolution night vision camera for each environment.

If you live in the greater Melbourne area then your best option for security camera installation is Precision Security Australia. For years, Precision Security has been providing security camera and other security services to the citizens of Melbourne. They also have experience in working with businesses and public areas.

The process starts out with a free, onsite inspection of your property. During this inspection a technician will determine your exact needs and which type of camera will be best, where. The second step is an onsite demonstration of the various products used by Precision Security Australia, including Hikvision Cameras.

Once both steps are done, you will get a no-obligation quote for the security camera equipment and the installation process. This quote will take into mind both your security needs and your budget. Giving you an option that you can rely on.

Contacting Precision Security Australia today will help you to get the ball rolling. You can schedule your free, onsite inspection and start to learn about your security needs. Protecting your property will give you a peace of mind and make you safer.

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