Advantages of Hikvision’s Ultra-Low Light Technology

Hikvision has recently released it’s EXIR infrared technological innovation for Hikvision surveillance cameras. Hikvision’s high-performance EXIR series delivers the most innovative levels of night-time surveillance available today with some of the best illuminators for any dark occasion.

There are many benefits that EXIR technology brings. The new EXIR technology allows for uniform IR illumination. This means issues such as darker areas at the corner and over-exposure are completely eliminated. Other noticeable improvements are better energy savings, longer lifespan and excellent heat dissipation.

This new EXIR technology means that Hikvision cameras now produce LED light in a rectangle shape that fit’s a normal sized screen. This means that LED utilisation is improved and light pollution is significantly reduced.

With a 30% increase in illumination efficiency over regular LED technology and 1050mV light extraction compared to 750mV in older technology, it is safe to say that EXIR technology is far superior, making Hikvision cameras the best security cameras on the market today.

The security camera is one of the best pieces of modern technology, which is used from homes as well as in offices. It brings security to your home or business which has many benefits.

Deter Criminals

This is the biggest and the most apparent benefit of installing security cameras. After they are placed, you will be able to see their own effect on people almost instantly.

Whether or not you install the security cameras in your home or at the work environment, you can prevent crime. Whether you are experiencing problems related to burglary, punctuality, or productivity, your own security camera can provide you with the actual solutions. It prevents your home as well as office from becoming simple targets.

Arrive at the Correct Decision

Footage from security cameras may help you make correct and sensible decisions when settling arguments, both in domestic and business environments. Whether it is dealing with a situation involving disagreements within your household, among your employees, or maybe between a customer and your assistance staff, your doubts might be laid to rest with the help of your own security camera.

Having Evidence

Getting security cameras installed in proper places comes in handy if you want to monitor actions in terms of people or during a meeting. Modern security cameras are not only built with high-quality video capabilities, however audio as well. The crystal-clear images and great audio makes them more efficient recording option.

Very Easy to Use

Video cameras are very easy to install and operate and are a great option for busy people. Here at Precision Security Australia we can easily take care of installing your security camera system and getting it up and running. Once installed, all that you need to do is knowing how to use the specific software on your smartphone or computer where you are able to get a live video feed.

By taking action and installing a CCTV security camera, you are taking the best steps forward to making your business or place of residence much more secure. Security cameras have many advantages and benefits and really are essential to ensure the protection of your assets and give you peace of mind, while allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

If you are looking to install a Hikvision CCTV camera system on your home or business, Precision Security Australia are the people you should rely on. Our technicians will come to your property or home and determine what your needs are and help organise a deal that best fits your budget. Our organisations strives itself on the best customer service and highest quality security cameras on the market today.

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